The way is the destination Pattaya – Thailand

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On my way to the travel agency I would probably never have thought that my first big trip at a young age would lead me to Pattaya – Thailand.

Said, done and I stand in front of the boss of the Tui travel agency, very close to my company in Saarbrücken, we are not personally known, but I will learn quickly and a lot about Thailand, the country, its customs and traditions, a first introduction is free.

It is the end of October and I am looking for something warm and so I am recommended Thailand, the country of smiles from which I already own a lot but don’t know much else.
Especially Pattaya is recommended to me, especially if you want to have everything at once, so they tell me there are a lot of tourist attractions and a great nightlife here, said I have booked for November and fly alone …

I had a flight booked with the Thaiairways, they especially recommended this airway to me and so I am almost not surprised about this unusual natural friendliness with which one is received on board and this accompanies me during the whole flight, which takes at least about 11 hours, but I am well supplied on board with food and drinks, also a glass of champagne is free, also with the filling out of the form for the immigration one is helpful to me, great my english was at that time still in the beginnings…

Arriving at the old Don Muang Airport I crept through the immigration, to the suitcase belts and finally sometime I sat totally tired in the TUI bus to Pattaya.

It took 3 hours, yes at that time there was no highway, you had to drive on the full national road until you finally arrived in Pattaya,
then the usual hotel tour where the individual guests were dropped off and finally I was in my hotel.

One is received in an unusual friendly way, I notice I am in a strange world, in Germany the facial features are all so dense…
Finally arrived on the guest room, I only want one more thing, first shower, have a little drink and then good night!

Sorry my english is not perfect…

-continuation follows-