The way is the destination Pattaya – Thailand -2-

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Good morning, I had a great night after the long journey that took me a little bit with me, slept soundly and now fit for the first day in Pattaya.
Let’s go, after the morning routine we start for breakfast, olala a great buffet with many delicacies was built up, but since I don’t let myself be seduced by something like that, I put a normal breakfast on my plate and enjoyed it, only the coffee was bad, but what the hell in countries like Thailand was coffee drinking rather unusual, so there was only Nescafe, I will survive it.

What to do after breakfast, first probably to the beach, but where to, you have no idea yet, well looked into the travel guide and then after some back and forth with the Baht bus from Pattaya center to Jomtien. To this one has to know that this kind of transportation is the normal one in Pattaya, there is no public transport, one uses just this Baht taxis or a motorbike taxi, depending on whether it is a routine route or not, one has to negotiate the prices, or if one knows, one pays fixed prices. It is a bumpy ride to Jomtien and takes about 15 minutes with the traffic as it is here from Pattaya center to Jomtien.

Arrived there, the sea rushes, one is at the Dongtan Beach, a wide very long beach, looks good and is equipped with trees that give a lot of shade invitingly.

In the distance I see a rainbow flag, that’s where I want to go. When I arrive there I am politely welcomed, people ask me where I want to lie, I can choose a free place on a large number of sunbeds, then I set up first and enjoy the peace…
One can order everything from the staff, starting from a refreshing drink over the described Nescafe up to a big choice of food on a menu card, nothing is missing, the food is ordered by the restaurants lying on the beach.
I am completely happy, the beach day can begin, after a while I look for refreshment in the sea, but I have to say that the water is only of mediocre quality and the subsoil seems a little muddy to me, therefore the water also seems to be a little cloudy. No matter I enjoy it first and take a proper bath in the sea….

-continuation follows-