The way is the destination Pattaya – Thailand -3-

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It was generally said a first nice day at the beach at the Jomtienstrand, but you don’t know anything else, you think that’s all and 100 meters to the right and left of the hotel that’s all of Pattaya, you’re just a beginner.
I’m back on my way to the hotel and I’m already worried about the evening, but when I arrive I first take a nice shower and stretch out to relax on the bed. But my thoughts are already there, how will the evening go, where do I go, I have no idea, there is no internet yet, let alone a mobile phone and a friend of Spartacus I have never been, ok will run already…
Around 20 o’clock I set off then, I am too late, the streets, here the beachroad in Pattaya is full of people of all races, of course the Asians in the majority, but one sees also many Europeans. I would love to try the Thai cuisine, but I have absolutely no idea yet and so I look for an international restaurant to play it safe.

Walking Street Pattaya

It’s funny you’re sitting in a German restaurant and are nicely served by Thai staff, but they don’t understand anything about the food they serve, they’ve probably never tried it, what do they think of me to eat something like that?
Anyway, I order and get a German meal and without wanting to give an evaluation I just say, one could think one would have expelled the cook from Germany, it was really bad, no matter, should be a lesson to me.

I go on my way and get crazy, I don’t know anything about Pattaya, let alone about a gay scene I don’t know anything about and don’t find anything, so I sit at some bar and drink a beer or more…, feel alone, but then decide to go on searching, maybe I’ll find something like a gay bar nearby after all.

Walking Street Pattaya

If you are looking, you’ll find, that’s how I feel that evening, suddenly in a side street into which I dared to enter, I discover a bar in front of which many good-looking Thaiboys sit and friendly look at me and ask me to enter.
I am already very impressed by so many nice boys here, they are completely different than one is used to in the home country. They are nice, friendly, very helpful, provide a great service, look great, there are about 50 boys in this bar, one more beautiful than the other and apparently something for every taste, that I didn’t expect….

Walking Street Pattaya

Then the „chef„ comes up to me, has a thick catalogue in her hand and asks me to have a look at the pictures, in this catalogue all these boys were on pictures, but completely undressed to see, I am a bit shocked…, where have I got here, I have no idea and the boss laughs at me asking me to choose a boy, well that can be something…

-continuation follows-