Pattaya – Thailand Nightlife – 4 –

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It is already a great evening, I sit as already described before in this gay bar, I don’t know the name any more, it’s been a long time and around me at least 50 nice boys, some of them very interested, looking over to me.

But as it is in the life so I have already a very good looking boy, about 25 years old, in the view, which looks also very interested to me over…
The „chef„ of the bar that sits next to me and constantly animates me to choose one of these great boys has long since noticed that of course with her seemingly many years of experience and without asking me she calls the boy and he sits next to me …

What do I talk now? I don’t know, but there come the obligatory questions from him, where I come from, what I do, how long I stay and so on, he introduces himself with the short name NAT, I like, I can at least remember.

It’s already a completely new experience, this way of getting to know was completely unknown to me, but because it was so simple, very interesting and pleasant.

I don’t want to go into details here, the rest of the process was like this, so you had to pay a fee to the bar and then of course after prior consultation with the boy, he moved on with me

We then had a few drinks at other bars on the terrace and had a really good time and then drove to my hotel.
Then there was the first surprise, I had to go to the reception and I was told that I had to pay an overnight fee of 700 Baht for my „friend„, of course this surprised me very much, I had not booked any cheap accommodation and exactly that was the mistake, the higher the category the higher the fee for your overnight guest, no matter from damage you become wiser, as you know, so I paid the fee and the night could begin.

It was my first time together with a Thaiboy, generally with an Asian, but it was an indescribably beautiful night and time which I spent for the next days with Nat, this velvet soft skin, simply fantastic.

– To be continued –