Pattaya – Thailand -5- The City

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A great evening, an even better night I spent with my new acquaintance NAT and now having breakfast together. But I don’t go into that any more, because I agreed with Nat to show me the city today, but we start first to the beach, where we want to spend a few hours.

Surprisingly he tells me that we don’t want to go to Jomtienstrand, but we drive today towards North Pattaya to Wongamat Beach, where everything would be better, the beach more beautiful and above all the water quality much better.

Wongamat Beach

Of course I’m curious because I probably never would have found it, so we stop a Bahttaxi and drive to the Wongamat beach after the price has been negotiated.

Once there the first sight surprises me, here it is completely different than at Jomtien, the beach looks very tidy, everything is well maintained, there are a few high smooth rocks in the sea you can climb, the water looks clear and clean, well you can enjoy that. There are mainly German speaking tourists here, so I don’t mind, at least no loud Chninesen….


The service is perfect, the beer is cold and the food tastes good. Nat tells me that the Thais are not necessarily the beach goers, they go to the beach but then it must be shady, because the sun is poison for white skin.

I experience that the Asians generally want exactly the opposite of what we want, we want to come home from our holidays as deeply tanned as possible, but the Thais love the „white„skin. I don’t understand that, but I have to respect it.
After a few nice hours at Wongamat we set off, I would like to see a little more today…

First we head towards the center to the beachroad in Pattaya, there is also a beach there, but it is visited by inexperienced tourists and is thought to be the popular beach of Pattaya.

Here one has to say clearly that this beach is neither suitable for lying down nor for swimming, because of the beach road and the car traffic it is clearly too loud, the bay is full of ships in all sizes, all in all rather only suitable for walking.

Nat tells me that the Beach Road is also called Coconut Bar, as in the evening both sexes stand here in a very greeting number and wait for acquaintances.
We spend the rest of the afternoon here, stroll through the department stores, eat an ice cream and a piece of cake, the day is over.

– To be continued