Pattaya – Thailand – 6- Nong Noch Garden

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Yesterday evening I spent like probably most of the visitors from the gay area, it went after the dinner I had this time in a Thai restaurant and I tasted wonderful, of course without risk because I had a Thai with me, Nat advised me very well, so it went to the gay scene to Boystown, but I tell more about this later.

For today a trip to a huge tropical garden was planned, NAT had told me about it and I didn’t need any persuasion, I like such facilities and was there spontaneously.

The Nong Nooch Garden is about 30 kilometers outside of Pattaya in the direction of Sattahip and so we had to organize a taxi that took us there and of course we had to pick it up again, we negotiated a price of 600 Thai Baht for the return trip, that seemed appropriate to me and so we started…
Arrived there was for me the first surprise at the cash desk 2 different entrance fees were to be paid, once the increased price for me and the reduced price for my Thai companion, for him I paid only half the price.

Of course we don’t know something like that so I tried to ask NAT why this is so, there I got a monosyllabic reasoning because we Farangs would have more money tha,n the Thais so we would also have to pay more, internally I of course didn’t accept that, but no matter I didn’t want to screw up the day with such ways of thinking and pretended as if that was ok.

In the Nong Nooch Garden itself one has 2 possibilities to move, one runs through on the basis of a plan or one can also drive through with a kind of slow train, I chose the way on foot.

It is a beautiful really huge botanical garden where you can admire everything of tropical plants and trees, a lot of different orchids to look at, actually everything and more than you expected.

There are also elephants to rent for a short trip and an elephant show with funny elements.
At different times there is also a traditional Thai show under a huge dome with dance elements from the history, also a fire show was there and much more, the whole lasted over an hour, my evaluation – one must have seen!

The time in this afternoon, we started at 11 o’clock in the morning, passed by very fast again. In the meantime, of course, we also settled down in the restaurant and in the afternoon we had coffee and cake, that’s just part of it, and a Thai needs his meals otherwise he will be „funny„.
Around 5 o’clock we are now quite tired, it was very sunny on this day and I had to buy a cap in between because of the sun, went to the taxi that was already waiting for us and then we went back to Pattaya.

– To be continued –