Pattaya – Thailand – 8 – Koh Larn Island – Excursion

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The beaches in Pattaya itself, here I mean mainly the beach at Jomtien and at the Beach Road in the city, are quite all right they are maintained and clean and now comes but the water quality and this is clearly not so great…

An exception is the beach and the water quality at Wongamatstrand in the north of Pattaya, which I have already described in detail.
Today, however, I intend to go out to the island Koh Larn, some tourists I met at the beach or in the bars have already told me about it.
The beaches there should be very clean and the water should be crystal clear, I would like to see and enjoy that.

I set off in the morning to drive to the Bali Hai Pier, from where the ferries to the island depart every hour. I would like to reach the ferry at 11 o’clock and am there early.

One is addressed by many salesmen who would like to sell one a trip with a speedboat, this must or should be rejected however consistently because a trip with the ferry is surely a more beautiful experience.

The ferries to Koh Larn Island are at the end of the pier, apparently on the right or left side depending on the time of day, but they are well marked so that everyone can find them.
There is already a long queue in front of the ferry in which I line up and then when getting on the ferry I pay the fare of currently 30 Thaibaht, which I honestly find very cheap and then find me a place.

My recommendation is to either sit down in the middle of the ferry or if you choose a place on the right or left to make sure that you do not sit on the sunny side during the crossing, this can be quite unpleasant.
With a loud horn it starts, the ferry leaves and the crossing starts, it should last about 40 minutes and is dependent on the swell of the sea, today it is quite calm and the crossing goes fast.

The island lies on the whole crossing in sight, it has 2 piers at which the ferries or other ships moor, today we drive past the island on the right and moor on the back and get off.

The island has different beaches and I was recommended a quiet little beach according to my wishes which is translated into German OMA and OPA beach is called in Thai the name Ta – Jaai.

How do I get there is a fast clarified thing, I see in a side street the well-known Baht taxis and the motorcycle taxis standing and let me drive to the beach, it costs me 50 Baht and after about 10 minutes we arrive there.

Great a small fine sandy beach that is not overcrowded and I see the turquoise water that invites me to jump in.
Quickly a couch selected and already I am in the sea. An incredibly great experience and a pure refreshment, here it is fun and here I will spend the whole dear long day, I have already looked around, also here one is spoiled like everywhere, there is everything to drink what one would like from coffee to the ice-cold coconut to the alcoholic drink everything there.

There is also cooking here, I enjoy everything, the silence the sun the sea and I enjoy it…

Unfortunately also here as always the time passes much too fast and around 16.30 o’clock I let pick myself up, I had already agreed this with the driver before because the return trip I have planned for 17 o’clock, the last ferry to Pattaya leaves by the way at 18 o’clock and the fare is 5 x higher.
Goodbye Koh Larn I will come back there are other beaches to explore here…

– To be continued –