Pattaya – Thailand – 9 – Excursion direction Sattahip

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Today I have made something very special for myself, it is clear to me that you can’t see everything in 2 weeks which I unfortunately only booked and you can only get an absolutely superficial impression of the country and the people and its peculiarities.
Today I have planned to organize a driver with car and to drive with NAT together simply times and to explore the area whereby I have indicated as direction the city Sattahip that is about 60 kilometers. Let’s see how far we get…

So we drive off and of course there is not really much extraordinary to see on the main road except many cars and traffic lights, but as I will see at the end of the day it is worthwhile to simply drive off.

On the route there are also some tourist attractions which I will visit sometime in the future, but I let everything calmly come to me.

After about 1 hour drive I don’t believe my eyes at first. I see an incredibly beautiful beach right of me with azure blue water…
Stop immediately stop those were my loud words called out before loud surprise and already we have arrived by coincidence at a beautiful beach of which nobody has told me anything. The beach is very wide with great trees and the sand very fine and white.

The beach seems to be very wide and long so that the few people who have settled here don’t catch your eye at all – you almost feel like having the whole beach to yourself. An absolute pleasure and we first settle down in the shade under the trees.

Also here there are enterprising Thais who offer beach chairs at absolutely low prices and at the roadside there are cars with big cool boxes that offer ice-cold drinks at civilian prices.

The water is wonderfully clear and the smallest fish swim to the beach. I pay attention if I go deeper into the water very much on the ground because I have heard of sea urchins and with it I would like to make no experience at all but here everything seems to be in order.

The sun is shining very strong again and since I am slightly reddened again after swimming, I withdraw myself a little into the shade and cream myself strongly…
Unfortunately I forgot the name of this beach but it is easy to find, just drive along the Sukhumvit Road towards Sattahip and sometime you will pass there…

We are now on our way because we want to reach Sattahip this is a city in which the navy of the country has a base. About 1 hour later we are there. It expects us a cultivated medium sized city which one can see that here the Navy is at home.
Everywhere there are shops with Navy accessories and one sees many soldiers in the naval clothing. We have a look around and do some shopping and I buy some Navy trousers and some T-shirts then we go on to the harbour.

Here I am unfortunately not entitled as a foreigner to visit a warship which lies here as a show object for the Thais. But I like to let the NAT go on the ship and wait patiently. Meanwhile I pass the time with conversations of quite interested marine soldiers…

We make ourselves then again on the way back because there are still good 2 hours to drive until we arrive again in Pattaya.
We make then on half way, nevertheless, once again stop and visit so a kind of small fish farm with many aquariums with most different fish kinds.

Then it is however also enough and it goes finally back to Pattaya.

-Continuation follows –