Pattaya – Thailand -10 – Holiday review –

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It’s hard to believe the 2 weeks vacation is almost over and today is my last day. I am absolutely satisfied with what I have seen and experienced in this short time.

You can’t have everything in 2 weeks, you have to be aware of that and it really should be some holiday, that means there has to be time to relax.
Today I have resolved to say goodbye to the interesting places for gays to visit Sunnee Plaza and Jomtien.
There at Jomtien the small gay scene consisting of a street and bar after bar, during the day you can only enjoy this to a limited extent but in the evening it is a small red light milieu of the finest.

You can sit outside at the open bars that means everything is open there are no closed bars. A lot of boys are busy encouraging the passing tourists to sit down, that’s usually not uncomfortable but some of them already pack their bags and don’t want to let you pass but I already know that and I get along.

I have found a nice place the business is manageable today so that I can observe everything well. I sit hardly and already again a friendly boy stands at my side and asks me for my desires and I order the Chang beer dear to me become, it tastes like a German Pilsbier, outstanding!
The boy wants to settle right next to me but I make him friendly clear that he does not meet my expectations.

At every bar many boys are busy and of course all are interested to get in touch with me…
The time passes and I see him…if possible I would like to spend the last evening with this boy I wait until the looks meet…
So he has decided and sits next to me, everything is so simple and uncomplicated, we talk as much as possible about the usual things also about the costs and then we are clear.

The procedure at the bars is always the same and who would like for him it is easy to find someone for short or longer for a holiday flirt, only courage everyone is welcome…

But I want to take a quick look at Sunnee Plaza another gay district in Pattaya today. Arrived there I have to say clearly that the district is on the descending branch because many bars and also smaller hotels are closed and everything seems rather unkempt and the lanes are partly dark, there one does not want to go so gladly alone but I am in company…

It’s really not worth settling down here and so I decide to go back to my hotel and spend the evening and the night with my companion.
Also this night goes by much too fast in the morning I feel some melancholy and I know already now with absolute certainty that I will come back after my temporal possibilities.
That’s it, I’ve cleared my room and wait in the lobby for my bus to Bangkok, I’ve learned a lot and have tried to dive into the mentality of the Thais…
See you again!

– To be continued –