Pattaya -Thailand – 11 – Vacation the next

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6 months have passed since my last and first holiday in Thailand and now I am back again…
Why is easy to answer, the first impression was probably decisive, it gives me as a tourist the impression that everything here is so easy, at least for a tourist.

I have already travelled some countries in Europe and the rest of the world, but nowhere I had this carefree feeling, I am a tourist here and have the feeling „I hear the world„.

But it’s clear to me that everything has to do with a sufficient travel budget, also the friendliness of the boys has to do with money, but everything is so simple, that’s why I don’t care that I’ll meet the man of my dreams later, is still far away and also not in Pattaya but Phuket.
I repeatedly enjoy the evening walks to Boystown and get to know many nice boys who sweeten my life, it’s a give and take and that’s good.
I got to know the manager of a boybar, the Boyz Boyz and he invited me and my platonic friend from Germany this time to a tour in the north of Thailand to a ceremony in his village.

We gladly accepted that the trip should take about 8 hours according to Toy and that we should be in Boystown the next morning at about 9 o’clock, it would be a bus organized with which we would drive.

Said done, punctually the next morning we are in Boystown and there we learn first of all the punctuality in Thailand is a very elastic term, we are the first and only the Toy, so our host is already there.

He tells us that the bus will probably come soon and the other passengers also…

So it was then also around 10 o’clock the bus came which was really a surprise because it was a bus for at least 50 people and equipped like a discotheque with many lights and corresponding sound boxes that can be funny. Meanwhile also the other participants arrived, some still very overslept but scgon funny on it. A few crates of whisky and cola as well as lots of ice cubes are invited and at noon we finally start.
My friend Jürgen and I are the only foreigners in the bus, all the others are Thai, many pretty boys also ladyboys and a few real ladies were also there. Then it starts and we have already got the first whisky with Coke in the hand, I suspect bad….

In between our host walks through the rows and asks for a small donation for the expenses, because we donate such an experience may cost something.
Our driver is probably the only one on board after 3 hours of driving who is absolutely sober, each of the participants has already drunk a glass or better said a cup and the mood is excellent.

There is singing and laughing, the music is loud, the lights in the bus don’t have the right effect now that it is still bright but let’s wait for the darkness…
It spreads a great feeling in the bus, the atmosphere is good and the bus drives and drives, my question how long we still drive to the goal is not answered at all, the guys just say not much longer…..

– Part 1 –

– To be continued