Pattaya – Thailand – 12 – Vacation the next

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And always further and further the mood on board so in the bus is fantastic. Everybody is singing in Jürgen’s Thai and I am the only „Farang„ that’s how you call the foreigners on board. But no problem also we have our fun and we enjoy the landscape flying by we are now already a few hours on the way and then there is a stop for lunch.

For me an extraordinary situation because on a huge mat on the floor a lot of food is put in pots and pans and the Thais serve themselves without cutlery but with their fingers…

Da I can’t keep up I don’t know that and have my hygienic reservations. Therefore I get up and leave the round with Jürgen but only a short time later our host comes and asks why we do not want to eat. I explain with the greatest possible sensitivity that I can not eat so because it is simply completely unusual for us …

Our host Toy apologizes that he didn’t think of it and says that he will cook fresh for us and it won’t take more than 20 minutes until we can eat.

Reportedly done actually Toy puts us about 20 minutes 3 different dishes on the table in the usual manner with plate and knife and fork.
It tasted wonderful and we thanked him many times for his understanding I will never forget this situation!
We drive on and come sometime to a mountain river with crystal-clear water and we thirst to have a stopover here and swim in the river.

Is said done a wonderful refreshment and a few small fights in the water with the Thais that makes uncanny fun so it can go on.
After further 2 hours it becomes already slowly dark I ask again quite by the way when we arrive then but I already get the meanwhile monotonous answer that we soon arrive.

I already notice from the long sit that my feet are swollen and when getting up I had pushed my left foot which was now swollen a lot but what is it there you have to through.

Sometime I think after an estimated 16 hours drive we arrive in a small village in the middle of a forest. Of course we are completely sweaty and long for a shower which we don’t have here in the usual way.

There is a long row of adjacent cabins in which a tub of water stands with a ladle…
No problem we do everything with the shower here with the bathing trunks the Thais are rather shy what the nudity concerns. So we go into the cabins and now it comes we are the only „Farangs„ in this village and the boys have thought up something. The Jürgen and I are next to each other in a cabin the above no roof have we just want to begin to pour water over us with the ladle there comes from above a huge amount of ice-cold water on us down …

Totally surprised and shocked we both shout wildly and run outside and see a large group of young Thais running away laughing and screaming…
For today it is enough to go to dry off and then to eat but there is much more happening….

– To be continued –