Pattaya – Thailand – 13 – Vacation the next

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After we then this ice-cold water shower have survived the shower, which has finally done very well and the Thais have had their fun, the next shock is already coming.
We had actually thought that we would be accommodated somewhere in a hut and had also honestly expected no special standard …

But now we were led into a temple and got a thin mat handed out which should then be as a base to sleep for the night. No problem so that is just when you make a trip we are flexible.
What was not so great was unfortunately my foot which I had bumped in the bus which was very swollen and worried me. I talked to our host the Toy and he told me he would get something.

In fact, about half an hour later a young man came to me and told me to lie down and treat my feet. I will never forget the sensitivity with which he especially creamed my swollen foot and lightly massaged it for half an hour and I really had the subjective feeling that it did something good.
I thanked him with a good tip and asked him to do the same procedure again the next day.
So now comes the evening when there was a big area outside and a part of the villagers were probably invited inside the barrier and around the outside the rest of the villagers stood and watched.
There was also a bigger group of Ladyboys in our troop and in the cordoned off area a big stage was set up and a show was planned.

First there was food in abundance, as they say, but this time everything was set up as a buffet so that my friend Jürgen and I had no hygienic concerns and enjoyed the buffet.
The Jürgen was a bit obese and we sat on a mat on the floor in a cross-legged position and had a flat table in front of us and again and again the Thais looked at the Jürgen and grinned and talked to each other behind our hands…
There I wanted to know nevertheless more exactly why and then asked Toy to me then smile explained that the Jürgen if he sits there in such a way with his belly looks like the Chinese Buddha the yes of the Thai Buddha by the body abundance clearly differs however they would not laugh at him but him respect bring. Well then everything is ok and Jürgen enjoyed it.
It was a very nice evening after dinner and the following show we retired and went to the temple hoping to find some sleep now.

far missed it became a very exhausting night one imagines that about 60-70 people are lying there on the floor and nobody keeps their mouths shut there was laughter all night long and conversations in the dark hopefully Buddha has heard away…

The next morning there was then a typical Thai breakfast and afterwards a procession of the whole villagers we of course in the middle through the whole village and countless times around the temple. After that a ceremony in the temple which one spent sitting cross-legged and all participants were connected by a string around the head also a beautiful experience.
In the afternoon we went back to the bus and the long drive back to Pattaya.
It was a very interesting trip but very exhausting we did it but it doesn’t have to be again or simply said we will never do it again…

– To be continued –