Pattaya – Thailand – 14- Boys and culture

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As it always happens when you’re back home, the longing for Thailand and especially for Pattaya returns quickly! What is so special about Pattaya? I think about it for a long time …
But I think I know it by now. It is just great to have a place where no desires remain unfulfilled you can find everything from culture to shopping and of course the sea and beaches and then I come to the conclusion that the nightlife and boys in Pattaya are simply sensational are.
It is easy to find a nice friend for the night or for a longer time. It does not matter if you have money or less because there are nice boys for money but also for a friendship.

I give it to it again some months have passed and I just arrived back in Pattaya and can hardly wait for the evening to go out and meet one of the nice boys for a nice talk and a few drinks and of course a nice and pleasant night to spend.

Today I landed in a bar in Boys Town the Boys Boys is called and I say it right away it’s fantastic there are probably a hundred nice and good looking boys here and it seems to me that everyone is watching and laughing as one gets so small and shy.
So I quickly order a spicy drink so that my inner turmoil disappears …

I quickly found the right boy and arranged everything accordingly and after another 1 or 2 drinks we make our way to the hotel.
More is not discussed here that everyone can experience for themselves I say only so much that it was again a wonderful exhausting night ….

But I do not just come to Thailand because of the boys and the nightlife. Of course, I am also interested in the surroundings and there are so many to see.

Today I decided to fly to the Temple of Truth „ The Sanctuary of True„ which is located in the north of Pattaya and you have to go by taxi but that is not a problem either.
From the center to the temple you drive by taxi for about 15 minutes and as always you have to negotiate the taxi price otherwise you will be angry over the table …
Once there I see an overwhelming building or the temple built entirely of wood with a sophisticated technology, no nails were used in the construction. The technique seems to be perfect because the temple has been standing for many decades and it is being built on and on.
The whole is embedded in a big park where there are also elephants that you can ride for your own entertainment.

We call the wooden building, which is built entirely of teak wood and over 100 meters high is simply a temple where it can be anything else. However, here is a sophisticated timber construction at work and all Thai craftsmen are true specialists.
You can easily lose your mind when you look at all the masks and carvings and you just feel transported into an old world.
The temple is worth a visit and here you can spend 3 – 4 hours!

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