Pattaya – Thailand – 15 – The stroke of luck

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In life many coincidences play a decisive role how life goes on or in general how life goes, in the meantime I have been many times in Thailand and of course in other countries of the world.

Whereby the way to Thailand is with many always the same, in the younger age one goes first to Mallorca and Spain then later to the Canaries and then, even if one is professionally established Asia is suddenly announced and here in particular Thailand.
It has withdrawn me again and again here, where for me Pattaya is the absolutely right city, because there is everything here and for a gay tourist or if you just want to try yourself you are here at the right place.

You won’t miss the culture either, there’s everything here, in today’s world even the fastest internet up to a GIGABIT for affordable money!

But now back we write 1993 and as a hard working and successful restaurateur in Germany I am completely exhausted again and book a holiday, but this time in Phuket, because I invited my mother to fly with me and Pattaya would have been a bit too exciting for her.
My choice of hotel was probably the right one, at that time it was still called Laguna Beach Club.

The first 8 days that I must honestly admit I have seen except to the meals more or less only the bed so exhausted I was from the exhausting working life in Germany. My mother only saw me at the meals, she wasted her time with the many offers for entertainment in the hotel.

Then came the 8th day, even before that I had noticed a very impressive Thai, a beautiful well grown young man, at the age of 28 years as it turned out later. But I had the impression he was absolutely hetero, so I left it at the admiration.
Far from it, now I was fit again and well rested so that I decided to go to the disco of the hotel in the evening, there was not much going on yet and so I sat down at the bar and ordered a Jacky Cola and enjoyed the drink first, the bartender was not very talkative and a certain boredom came up …

However, what’s going on now, suddenly somebody approached me from the side and asked me if I wanted to have a drink with him, it was this sensational great young Thai man I had seen so often, but as I said before, I thought it was a hetereo…
I was more than pleasantly surprised and quickly it turned out that this was his free evening and he had me for a long time in the view and had a suitable opportunity had wrtet, well that was now there…

We talked for hours in English as well as I could and after many hours we wanted to have the last drink in my room, now it was finally clear to me that he was no hetero and that a great night would await me, only so much in advance, it became my great love and my only one, but there is still a long way to go before our emigration to Thailand and there is still much to tell.

– To be continued