Pattaya – Thailand – 16 – A wonderful holiday

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From the first moment I was in love with this great and beautiful man, he could have been a model or an actor, no matter what, he was also in love with me.
We spent 2 wonderful weeks in the hotel where he worked, but only at night because during the day he had to work, but nevertheless we could do a lot together because I was a hotel guest and could express wishes.

But unfortunately these remaining 2 weeks passed much too fast and the day of farewell came faster than expected.
Early in the morning we said goodbye officially in the lobby of the hotel and promised to call us every Sunday at 6 pm CET, with tears in our eyes we went to the airport and back to Germany!

I could hardly wait for the next Sunday, was all this really real, will he really be on the phone today?
He was on the phone and had expected my call, I had specially bought a Hexaglott to translate because at that time my English was still very limited…

But we got along anyway and we wanted to meet again 3 months later in Pattaya, who had 18 days vacation to get which we wanted to spend together to get to know us better and to find out whether we understand each other also around the clock…

It was great 18 days, already in the middle of this vacation we agreed that he should come to Germany, therefore we already settled everything now with the embassy, what was relatively simple at that time it was sufficient at that time a declaration of commitment from me and the next day he had a visa for 3 months to Germany.

Of course he still had to quit his job here in Thailand in the hotel and to dissolve his apartment, but that was all no problem.

The time passed and 1 month later I wait at the airport in Frankfurt for my Nop, when suddenly a loudspeaker announced came I would like to announce myself please with the federal police, an overzealous federal policeman had called Nop out and asked like so he 3 months in Germany to remain wanted, this question he also asked me. I asked a counter-question and that was whether Nop’s visa was in order, the policeman answered in the affirmative and thereupon I said to Nop come we go it’s all ok, the policeman looked a bit strange but what wanted to do, we went undisturbed and lead to me home in Saarland.

There I first showed him everything and he was reassured, because I could have told him some fairy tales of lies to lure him to Germany.
But I am an honest open type and a great love can’t start with a lie….